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All pre-recorded content is crowd-sourced from experts all over the world


We are training Artificial Intellegence to answer survivor's questions. These answers are automatically provided, and anything the AI cannot answer gets sent to a real counsellor, allowing the counsellor to spend time wisely


The use of smart phones is increasing rapidly, alongside enormous increases in internet speeds, which means that for the first time in history we have the ability to deliver a service to all survivors who need it - wherever they are

Research shows that over 90% of rape survivors never report it, and many of those never even tell anyone. This means that they do not have access to the support and critical information they need to recover. 

We want to help bring it to them.

Artificial IntellIgence + Trauma Counsellors

John Doe, Trauma Specialist

We are training AI to work with trauma counsellors to help the AI deliver high quality video and text answers to the questions asked by survivors. In this way, the counsellor and AI work hand-in-hand to do what they do best.

When a survivor asks a question through the app or Facebook messenger, the AI checks the question to see if it knows the answer and if it is allowed to answer it. The AI will answer after a few seconds with a pre-recorded expert video or text answer. If the AI is not approved to answer or doesn't know the answer, the question is passed to the trauma counsellor.

The AI continually refines its responses with each interaction, giving other survivors even better and more relevant information the next time around.

Experts for everyone

Jane Smith, Lawyer

Survivors need access to good information, and good information is often hard to come by. 

By recording expert answers to frequently asked questions via video or text, we can ensure that the most important issues are covered, for example the importance of getting medical attention after rape. 

The anonymity of the survivor is guaranteed. We do not collect or share identifying personal data. 

To ensure an ever improving platform, we have a built in a reviewing mechanism so that we can observe in real time which answers are performing poorly and make adjustments instantly.


get aquote about the common good and doing something good for society

- Bill Joy

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